Release Table for DidFail


The most recent branches are the the Static Fields branch and the Services and BroadcastReceivers branch, which are both based off the Improved DEX Conversion branch (Nov 2014). In the future, these two branches will be merged, with an option to turn static field analysis (which is computationally intensive) on and off.

The below table shows the branches and commit IDs for each of the three repositories (soot-infoflow, soot-infoflow-android, didfail) for each release of DidFail.

Release soot-infoflow-latest soot-infoflow-android-latest didfail
SOAP 2014 develop*, 538941069eb27a915de62803bda5b7ad86a05b1c develop*, bcc5eb024cc72f84ea9c6513399523f75fe543aa master, 15b3e8692dac3d0b2e3a37f01b973e7840f0a3c4
Nov 2014 develop, 3ff51b5fb9f551aef0b3598585f83fe334c0b99b develop, 31620d664220dfa86de4b5fcc876e866eb41979f master, 99bc1187c822b216fca81237c16225d7540d80dd
Static Fields static-field-support, 0e170289a7a071fc487b4b8623e062c9434b69c6 static-field-support, 691d0f97fe60507b7fc1871038fa3608695c8433 static-field-support, f8d28607a269e5bda95907f55c211027ce21e892
Services and
service-addition, 41f8fcef95318465154c29749fdd97ee67964c31 service-addition, f6389c6be4ca03771747e6a64458c111515ad4b9 service-additions, 2781780c9971f0ec5c998956b14af81196a9879f
*Note: The FlowDroid repositories (soot-infoflow*) for SOAP 2014 are different from those of the later DidFail releases.

Note that two repositories have a service-addition branch, while the corresponding branch on the third repository is service-additions.